How do I book?

You can either fill out our Contact Form or call/email us directly.  Details are under ‘contact us’.  We will then get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time and place.


What happens after my photo shoot?

We will go through the images deleting any unusable photos, for example those with your eyes shut, or your hair over your face after an unexpected gust of wind!  We will then send you the shortlist in your own private client gallery on our website.  Here you select your chosen photos to be retouched and these are emailed back to you in a high quality in both colour and black and white


How long do I need to wait to receive my photos?

We guarantee your shortlist to be sent to you no longer than 1 week after your shoot.  As soon as you come back to us with your choices to be retouched we will send back your final shots very shortly after.


Where are the photos taken?

Our photos are taken outside using natural light.  We can discuss a convenient location at the time of booking but most shoots take place on location near London Bridge station or we have another secluded location just off The strand, central London.


What should I bring with me on the shoot day?

Please arrive with hair and make up done.  Girls don’t wear too much make up but feel free to bring some along to touch up and add a little more to give a different look.  A pocket mirror is always helpful too! Bring a selection of tops to show you off with a variety of different looks.  don’t wear anything too detailed, however a range of necklines and colours will give us a great choice.


How long is the shoot?

Our shoots last approximately 1 hour which usually gives us plenty of time to get some great shots with a variety of looks.  However we will keep going until we feel we have everything we need.  There is never any rush.


How much do you edit or retouch my chosen photos?

This is a very individual matter.  I will usually just take out anything that isn’t usually there, like a hair across your face or a blob of mascara by your eye.  However I am happy to retouch slightly more if this is your preference.


Will you send me hard copies?

Your finished retouched shots will be emailed to you in high resolution.  We do not send you hard copies however we have a good relationship with ‘Visualeyes’ based in London SW18 and our customers will receive a 10% discount with a unique code.  Please do ask me for this if you are interested.


How do I pay for the shoot?

Whatever is convenient for you.  You can pay with cash on the day or by bank transfer within one week of the shoot date.  Your shortlist photos will not be sent to you until payment is complete.  You will then be emailed an invoice/receipt for your records.